Whiskey, Old Dan Tucker Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is recommended.

Tabasco sauce

Cup or shot glass

Something to stir with


You've read the recipes for butterbeer- but have you ever wondered what firewhiskey tasted like?

Well, it's a lot like if you were to snog Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback (I can imagine), but don't take my word for it!

Make your own firewhiskey- if you dare!!

Pour as much whiskey as you like into a cup or shotglass, and have your guests do the same.

It's important for each individual make their own strength of firewhiskey instead of making one big batch, simply because people tend to have very different levels of tolerance when it comes to spicy foods.

For a medium to large cup of firewhiskey, and for someone who enjoys a bit of heat, I suggest 5-6 shakes of Tabasco sauce.

For a shot, obviously add less.

Add the Tabasco sauce slowly, tasting until you reach you desired level of spice.

Stir and enjoy!

A word of caution: I wouldn't indulge too heavily in firewhiskey if I were you, or you may turn into a blast-ended skrewt (if you know what I mean)!

This is definitely not for those intestinally sensitive to alcohol or spicy food, and especially not both.


Stephanie Barnes' recipe was taken with permission.

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