Wilton Sports Ball cake pan
Dense cake mix, like chocolate or white
Large square cake for base
Wax paper
White icing
Yellow icing
Red icing
White melting chocolates
Cake decorating kit
Chocolate piping containers
Edible pearl dust
Cake plate or board


Bake the cake in the sports ball cake pan according to the given directions for both.

Allow the cake to cool completely.

Spread a thin layer of white icing over the cake.

Figure 1

Making the wings
Draw your pattern on paper.

Figure 2

Tape it to the counter, then tape a large piece of wax paper over it.

Following the directions to prevent burning, melt the chocolate.

Figure 3

Pipe the chocolate onto the wax paper over the pattern.

Figure 4

Paint on edible pearl dust.

Figure 5

Assembling the ball
Spread white icing on the flat area of the two ball halves.

Stick the halves together and place them on a surface that will support them.

Ice the cake in yellow.

Figure 6

Use white icing and a cake decorating kit to pipe the details onto the snitch.

Paint the designs with edible pearl dust.

Figure 7

Figure 8

Place the snitch onto the back corner of the large, square cake.

Attach the wings to the cake by pressing them gently into a small amount of yellow icing.

Add some additional icing over top of the original to hold them in.

Allow the icing to set up.

Add lettering and a border to the square cake as desired.

Final Product

Golden Snitch Cake - picture 1

Golden Snitch Cake - picture 2


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