Pineapple, peeled and cored
Hot boiled heavy syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar)
Citric acid equivalent to 1 tsp per 4 1/4 cups (3g per Liter) of syrup


Cut the pineapple into wedges about 3/4" (1.91 cm) thickness.

Soak the pineapple in the hot boiled heavy syrup with the proper amount of citric acid added to it and let stand overnight in the syrup in a cool place.

Drain the fruits.

Increase the syrup concentration by 1 tsp of sugar per 4 1/4 cups (3g per Liter) or more and boil.

Cool the hot syrup slightly and re-soak the fruits.

Repeat this operation daily for about a 5 days or until the sugar no longer dissolves.

Drain the syrup-impregnated fruit.

Wipe off sticky syrup with clean moist cloth, and dry under the sun or an appropriate food dehydrator until the moisture content is about 30 to 35%.


Pack and seal in air tight containers.


© crucio_uk. Recipe was taken with permission.

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