1 14-oz (397 g) Can condensed milk
14-oz Milk
2 lbs (900 g) Sugar
4 oz (125 g) Butter, plus additional for greasing pan
Large sauce pan
Additional flavorings, if desired.
Rectangular pan


Using the additional butter, grease the rectangular pan.

In a large sauce pan, combine condensed milk, milk, sugar and butter.

Heat to a nice rolling boil, then turn the heat down until it is quietly bubbling.

Figure 1

Keep stirring for 20 minutes or until a small amount dropped into water turns into a soft ball.

Add any flavorings you may choose to add.

Remove from heat, and beat mixture until it starts to crystalize.

Quickly pour into the rectangular pan.

Figure 2

Score the candy while still warm, and leave to cool overnight.

Final Product

Tamed Tentacle Tablet


Cymophane M. Stonechat's recipe was used with permission.

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