Final Product

Bookcase Mural


Clear acetate
Overhead projector
Pencil or chalk
Masking tape
Dark semi-gloss paint for background
Paint roller and pan
Craft paint brushes, multiple sizes and shapes
Acrylic craft paints in multiple colors
Permanent markers, various colors, fine and medium tips

Bookcase Mural Template

Bookcase Mural Template


Print the template on the clear acetate and project the image onto the selected area. Position the bookcase where you'd like for it to appear. Use masking tape to outline the area.

Use semi-gloss paint and paint roller to paint the taped-off area. Paint a second coat if necessary. Allow to dry overnight.

Using a pencil or chalk, trace the bookcase (not the contents), adding a border if needed.

Paint bookcase shelves and allow to dry.

Starting with the top shelf, trace contents. After tracing, paint contents.

Repeat for all shelves, allow to dry overnight.

Using a variety of permanent markers, add book names using this list of books mentioned in the Harry Potter series from the Harry Potter Lexicon. The author recommends random placement, except for The Standard Book of Spells. Look for these on the second shelf from the top, on the right side. There seven books are together, each with a line across the top of the binding.

Add any needed embellishments; names on potions bottles, cat whiskers, etc. with permanent markers.


Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)'s tutorial was taken with permission from

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