Final Product

Hogwarts Wall Mural


Transparency film
Overhead projector
Pencils and/or chalk
Masking tape
Latex primer
Semi-gloss latex paint in the colors of your choice
3 1-quart paper buckets per each paint color
5 16-oz cups per each paint color
Church key to open paint cans
Stir sticks
Latex gloves
Drop cloths
Paint rags or paper towels
3 sponge brushes per volunteer (various sizes)
Chinese bristle brushes (trim brushes) if painting concrete
Artist brushes, 5/pk, 1 pack per every 2 volunteers
Roller frames, covers, and trays
Ladder or stepladder
Trash bags



Prepare your mural surface by washing and priming the wall

Using a copy of the image, enlarged enough so that you can easily see all the details, make a transparency of the design (I used the Hedwig from Leaky's main page).

Place the transparency on an overhead projector and project the design onto the wall or plywood. If you don't have a projector, try borrowing one from a school or local business.

Position the overhead projector squarely in front of the wall. If it is angled to one side the projected image will be distorted. If making a hanging mural, prop the plywood against a wall so that it stands as straight as possible.

Move the projector closer to or away from the wall or plywood until the design is positioned correctly and is the desired size.

Carefully trace the outline of the design on the wall or plywood with pencils or chalk.

Label the colors on the design outline, or tape the original art to the mural surface.

Prepare the painting area: put the drop cloth on the floor where you will be painting, mix the paint, etc.

Painting the Wall Mural

Pour each paint color into the paper buckets. Use the paper buckets for the basic colors and use the cups to mix the colors.

Use small amounts when mixing colors in cups – having to mix again is better than not having enough to mix with later.

Begin painting using larger paintbrushes to paint the largest sections of the design first. Immediately wipe up any paint that is spilled or dripped onto the floor. Spilled paint can be difficult to clean after it has dried.

Use smaller or round paintbrushes to add details and outline images. Because latex paints tend to be somewhat transparent, it may take multiple coats to get the desired tint.

Sign the bottom corner of the mural with your volunteer group's name and date of the project.

Collect all tools and save roller frames, roller trays, and any unused materials. Place everything else in the garbage.


DorisTLC's tutorial was taken with permission.

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