Final Product

Beaded Spider Ring - view 1
Beaded Spider Ring - view 2


Black polymer clay
18 gauge beading wire
Black seed beads
Size 8 beads in six different colors
Ring sizer or something cylindrical the same size as your finger
Sculpey Gloss Glaze


Take a piece of polymer clay and form it into the basic shape of a spider, whatever size you would like it to be.
Figure 1
Cut a small, leg-length piece of 18 gauge beading wire and fold one end over completely using pliers.
Figure 2
Put black seed beads on the wire until the leg reaches the desired length.
Fold the other end as you folded over the first end.
Figure 3
Insert the beaded leg into the body of the spider.
Figure 4
Repeat for all 8 legs.
Press the size 8 beads into the polymer clay firmly until half of the bead is embedded in the clay, remembering to incorporate all of the colors into a pattern that you like.
Figure 5
Gather some black seed beads in the palm of your and and push the back end of the spider into them.
Use your fingers to push the beads in further and to fill in any blank spaces.
Figure 6A
Figure 6B
Choose two size 8 beads and press them into the face of the spider for eyes.
Figure 7
Cut a length of 18 gauge wire 4 times longer than the circumference of your finger.
Wrap it around the ring sizer or cylindrical object.
Figure 8
Tuck in the loose ends as much as possible, if possible having them meet up so that they can be buried in the next step.
Press the ring into the bottom of the body and cover it with another piece of polymer clay to really hold it in.
Smooth this piece of polymer clay into the main body as much as possible.
Figure 9A
Figure 9B
Placing the spider on its back so that the ring doesn't move, bake at 275° F (135° C) for 20 to 25 minutes.
Allow the ring to cool completely.
Glaze the entire ring with Sculpey Gloss Glaze, or a similar product and let dry completely.


Christina B's tutorial was taken with permission from the HP_costuming LiveJournal Community.

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