Final Product

Bottle Cap Pendants


Bottle cap
Spray paint - any color
Spray primer
Clear gloss spray or tacky glue
An image that is about nickle size
Jump ring - a large one would best
Drimmel drill with small bit


Prepare by cleaning the outside with soap and water. Dry.

Drill a small hole in the top of the cap. Be careful and do not take your fingers off in the process. It will warm a bit from the friction of the drill.

Spray your bottle cap with a even layer of primer. Let dry for 15 minutes.

Spray with a even layer of paint. Let dry for 3 hours or overnight.

Cut your image out while your cap dries. Make sure the image fits inside of the cap. Glue inside. If it is too flimsy, then put a piece of cardstock to make it sturdy.

You can either use spray gloss or the tacky glue to seal your image. Then let dry for an hour.

Attach your jump ring, lace onto a necklace or anything you want and wear it with HP PRIDE!


Attach the bottle cap pendant to your keychain if your jump ring is sturdy enough and show how much you love Harry Potter!

You can also use this same type of instructions to make pins instead of a pendant. Instead of drilling a hole, just flip it over, super glue a small pinback into the cap, and add the image on the outside instead of the in, using the same type of sealing procedure. Then decorate it with small rhinestones, glitter glue, anything!


Miss Tee's tutorial was taken with permission.

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