Final Product

Large Time-Turner


SuppliesA. 20 gage wire

B. 3” (7.6 cm) hoops

C. Super glue

D. 2 doll house spice jars

E. 1” (2.5 cm) brass craft swivel

F. 4 glass beads

G. 2 pinhead-end wire

H. 2.5” (6.4 cm) hoops (2)

I. Needle-nose pliers

J. Art sand

K. Polymer clay


Fill one bottle with sand.

Figure 2

Super glue the second empty bottle upside down on top of the sand filled one.

Figure 3

Braid the wire around the two larger rings, also threading through the swivel.

Figure 4

Cover the outer rings with a thin layer of polymer clay. Stick a spare wire through the middle and bake.

Figure 5

Put a drop of superglue on the head-end of the pins and slide on a bead. Repeat with the other wire.

Figure 6

Braid wire around the smaller rings.

Figure 7

Thread the pins through holes in the outer ring created by the scrap wire.

Figure 8

Thread the wire through a gap in the braid on the smaller ring. Add another bead (optional) wrap the end around the hourglass.

Figure 9

Fill in the empty spaces with polymer clay, then make a clay snake and smoosh it around the outter edge of the smaller hoops.

Figure 10

Smooth out the clay, embellish, bake and enjoy!

Figure 11


Astarte's tutorial was taken with permission from HarryPotterCrafts.

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