1 empty glass or plastic bead tube with hanger top
Witch Hazel, plain water, or rubbing alcohol
Baby oil or mineral oil
Waterproof glue
Red or blue food coloring
Silver glitter
Small gold beads
Ribbon, cord, or chain on which to hang the pendant

Optional Supplies

6-7 inches (15.24 - 17.78 cm)of 20 gauge craft wire
Wire cutters
Needle-nosed pliers
Beads and/or a charm to embellish the bottle


Ensure that the bead tube is clean and dry and that all labels are removed.
Using the eyedropper, add enough witch hazel, plain water, or rubbing alcohol to fill 1/3 of the tube.
Add food coloring to reach the desired potion color.
Add glitter, small beads, confetti, etc., taking care not to overfill.
Author's Note: At most the objects you add should not take up more than ½ the amount of the liquid in the tube.
Using the eyedropper, carefully add the oil until the tube is filled to the top, making certain that there are no air bubbles caught in the tube.
Apply glue to the inside of the cap, screw the cap onto the top of the tube, and allow to dry.
Pass the ribbon, cord, or chain through the hanger top to finish it off.


Use the optional supplies listed above to embellish the potion pendant.
Potter Potion Pendants with optional embellishments

Final Product

Potter Potion Pendants


TFDelta's tutorial was submitted for The Leaky Cauldron Harry Potter Crafts' July 2010 Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can CRAFT It? Contest, and was posted with permission.

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