Final Product

Luna Lovegood's Radish Earrings


Eyelet pins for jewelry making
Earrings hooks
Jump rings
Acrylic paint
Note: Author chose paperclay instead of sculpey because paperclay is made from wood pulp and is much lighter, making it better for wearing them in your ears.


Make two round balls from the paperclay, about the same size as a real radish.

Pinch an end on each earring to form the pointy bottom parts of the radish. A corkscrew shape can look nice here.

Attach the earring hooks to the eyelet pins with a jump-ring each. First, cut the pins so they fit in the depth of the radishes, and then twist the ends into a corkscrew shape with pliers.

Next, insert a pin into each radish on the opposite end from the pointy tips, twisting as you go.

Tape a length of string along the edge of a table so that the radishes can hang to dry. Dry the clay overnight.

Hanging earrings to dry.

Paint each earring with acrylic paint. Author mixed reddish orange, since they were described as "orange radishes" in the book. Once that layer dries a bit, paint white on both ends of the earrings.

Optional: The earrings that will appear in the movie also have leaves at the top. These appear to be beads strung with wire, do this by attaching them to the eyelet or jump ring.


Rosemary Waits' tutorial was taken with permission from

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