1 skein Cascade 220 (100% wool, 220yds), Black #8555
1 skein Cascade 220 (100% wool, 220yds), Green #2409
US7 (4.5 mm) needles
Tapestry needle
Pins for blocking


Exact gauge is not important for this pattern, just knit a little tighter than normal.


Chart #1
Chart #2
Chart #3
Chart #4

Final Measurements

6" x 71" (15.2 x 180.3 cm), without fringe


Do not cut the yarn between color changes, just carry it loosely up one side of the scarf.

CO 31st in black.

K 2 rows in black.

Work background section 3 times, ending with row 4. (To work one background section, K 1 row in green, P 1 row in green, K 1 row in black, K 1 row in black)Work Chart #1.

Work Chart #2.

Repeat background section until scarf reaches approximately 50" (127.0 cm) from CO edge, ending with row 4.

Work Chart #3.

Work Chart #4. (Author's Note: On Chart #4, rows 149 and 150 are switched.)

Work background section 3 times, ending with row 4.

Work 1 row in black.

BO in black.


Fringe as desired.

Pin the dry scarf to blocking surface, then spray with water until thoroughly wet (make sure you get the edges).

Allow to dry completely before removing pins.

Final Product

Dark Mark Illusion Scarf


Lindsay's pattern was taken with permission from

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