200g of 100% Lambswool in the house colors of your choice

US 6 (4.00 mm) extra long needles

Small amount of fabric for the lining



Sewing machine


Yarn needle

Finished Measurements

12" x 8" (30.48 cm x 20.32 cm)

Special Instructions

All stitches are knit or purl as in double-knitting.

In each row the stitches of the side facing you are knit, and the stitches of the other side are purled.

Reversing the colors

The charts for the patterns show the color changes for the outside, or right side, of the bag. When knitting on the right side you will knit each color as the chart says. When knitting on the wrong side, you will knit what is yellow on the chart in black, and what is black on the chart in yellow.

Casting on

When you cast on for a double-knit, you need to cast on with both of the yarns you are going to knit with.

Cast on as normal with the two yarns, changing yarns for each stitch.


Flap chart

Flap chart

Gryffindor chart

Gryffindor chart

Hufflepuff chart

Hufflepuff chart

Ravenclaw chart

Ravenclaw chart

Slytherin chart

Slytherin chart


Cast on 81 stitches as described in the special instructions above.

Bag body

The first two stitches and the last two stitches from the cast on will form the base of the selvedge.

On the first row, slip the first two stitches knit-wise together as if they were one stitch.

Follow the chart for the remainder of the row, knitting the right side stitches in the color indicated on the chart, and purling the wrong side stitches in the other color up to the last two stitches.

Purl these together with both yarns, using the two strands together as if they are one yarn.

Now turn your work, and knit the wrong side.

Slip the first stitch knitwise, then follow the chart until the last two stitches .

Purl these together as one stitch.

In all subsequent rows slip the first double-strand stitch knit-wise, knit to the last double-strand stitch and purl this with both yarns held together as one.

Knit through your chosen house chart twice, starting the repeat with the 11th row from the top of the chart.

Omit the last 25 rows on the chart when working the repeat, instead knitting the top 10 rows of the chart at this point.

Bind off after the last of these rows.


The flap is double-knit also, using the same techniques as the rest of the bag.

To make the rounded corners you must make decreases where indicated on the chart.

Author's Note: A good tutorial for making decreases in double-knitting can be found at


Weave in all loose ends.

Sew the flap on with wrong sides facing so that the seam forms a ridge on the outside.

Next make two ridges on the bottom of the bag by sewing along the folded edges.

If you look at the following picture, you can see the sewn edges in the section of knitting that will form the bottom of the bag, as well as the edge that is formed by the attachment of the flap.

Remember that the bag is open at the sides.

Unfelted bag

Felt your work in the washer at 86° F (30° C).

Block gently, making sure not to over-stretch the fabric, while drying.

Cut 4 pieces of fabric the same size as the inside of your bag.

Sew 2 of the pieces together along the sides and bottom to form a bag.

Repeat with the other 2 pieces of fabric.

Sew the 2 bags together at the top, so that the bags form a "W".

Sew the "W" shape into your bag by hand.

Attach the strap of your choice and enjoy your new bag!

Final Product

Front of bag

Top side of bag

Close up of side and strap

Double-knit House Bag


Kaae's tutorial was taken with permission from

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