Final Product

Harry Potter Knee High Socks - 1
Harry Potter Knee High Socks - 2


2 balls of Lang Jawoll in light navy (33), or the house color of choice
1 ball Lang Jawoll in silver (85), or the house color of choice
Set of five US/2 (2.75 mm) DPNs
Waste yarn
Reinforcement thread
Small crochet hook
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle

Stripe Pattern
Knit 23 rows in main color (MC)

Knit 3 rows in contrast color (CC)

Knit 5 rows in MC.

Knit 3 rows in CC.


Chain 28 stitches using waste yarn and the crochet hook.

Pick up 25 stitches through the back loops of the crocheted chain onto one DPN.

Wrap and turn (w&t) until 7 stitches remain unwrapped.

W&t to form the toe.

you reach the crocheted chain and are ready to begin knitting in the
round, switch from 1 DPN to 4 and place the stitches as follows:

  • N1 = 12 sts
  • N2 = 13 sts, remove crochet and put
  • N3 = 12 sts
  • N4 = 13 sts

Author's Note: At this point you should have 18 rows.

Rows 19 & 20: Knit in the round.

21: M1 (by lifting the bar between the first stitch on N1 and the last
stitch on N4 and ktbl), K25, M1 (by lifting the bar between the last
stitch on N2 and the first stitch on N3 and ktbl), K25.

Author's Note: There should be 13 sts on each needle, 26 sts on each side, and 52 sts total.

Rows 22 & 23: Knit.

Join CC.

Traveling Jog-less Jog
Row 1: K52 in CC.

Row 2: SL1, K51 in CC.

Row 3: K52 in CC.

Row 4: Knit 2 sts in CC, K50 in MC.

Row 5: K1, SL1, K50 in MC.

Rows 6-8: K52 in MC.

Row 9: K3 sts in MC, K49 in CC.

Row 10: K2, SL1, K49 in CC.

Row 11: K52 in CC.

Continue in this manner until you finish the 2nd set of CC stripes.

With MC knit 2 rows of traveling jogless jog.

On the 3rd row, knit N3 and N4. Attach reinforcement thread and commence instructions for the heel.

W&t until 8 stitches remain.

Continue in the stripe pattern until you reach your calf.

Calf shaping
After the 4th set of small stripes, K3 rounds.

Row 4: Knit N1 and N2. K 12 sts on N3 and then M1F and K1 (14 sts). On N4 K1, M1B, K12 (14sts).

Row 5: Knit 54 sts.

Row 6: Knit N1 and N2. N3, make increase to right of prior increase, N4 make increase to left of prior increase. (56 sts)

Row 7: Knit 56 sts.

Row 8: Repeat row 6 to increase to 58 stitches.

Row 9: Knit 58 sts.

Row 10: Repeat row 6 to increase to 60 stitches.

Row 11: Knit 60 stitches.

Continue increasing on even rows and knitting in the round on odd.

Row 1: With CC, repeat row 6 to increase.

Row 2: Knit in CC.

Row 3: With CC, repeat row 5 to increase. (25 sts on N3 and N4, 76
sts total)

Knit 17 rows in MC.

Begin (k1, p1) ribbing on Needle 1 and continue for 22 rows.

Bind off on row 23.

Weave in ends.


Eca's tutorial was taken with permission from

Finding Hogwarts

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