US 4 (3.5mm) DPNs
MC: Araucania Nature Wool Worsted, maroon (shade 34)
CC: Araucania Nature Wool Worsted, gold
Stitch marker


Finished Measurements

5” (12.7 cm) tall, 2.75” (7 cm) wide



Using MC, cast on 36 stitches

Divide 18 sts on 1st needle, and 9 sts on 2nd and 3rd needles.

Rounds 1-6: Knit

Round 7: *k1, k2tog, yo. Repeat from * 11 times

Rounds 8-28: Knit

Place sts from 2nd & 3rd needles on stitch holder.


Rows 29-43: Work pattern with CC (3 sts on either side of pattern), working in stockinette stitch. The pattern uses an “R” for Ron Weasley, you can create your own initial pattern 12 sts wide by 15 rows tall.

Row 44-46: Continue in stockinette

Row 47: RS facing, k7, BO 4, k7. Place first 7 sts on stitch holder.

Front (left)

Row 48 (front left): purl

Row 49: BO 1, k6

Row 50: Purl

Row 51: BO rem 6 sts

Reattach yarn to 7 sts on holder

Front (right)

Row 48: k7

Row 49: BO 1, p6

Row 50: Knit

Row 51: BO rem 6 sts.

Reattach yarn to 18 sts on holder


Rows 29-50: Stockinette stitch

Row 51: BO all sts


Using MC, CO 12 sts (divide 4 sts on each needle)

Rounds 1-5: k1, p1 rib

Round 6: *k1, inc 1 by knitting into the front & back of 2nd stitch. Repeat from *, you should have 18 sts now

Rounds 7-22: Knit

Row 23: Turn work, begin working in straight stockinette. After 3-4 rows, you should be able to transfer all sts to one needle to make straight knitting easier.

Rows 24-38 :BO 1 st at beg of each row

Row 39:BO rem 4 sts

Make 2 sleeves


Using MC, pick up approximately 25 stitches around the neck line (after you've sewn all your pieces together)

Knit 2 or 3 rows in stockinette stitch then bind off all stitches

Drawstring Closure

I-cord for as long as you would like the strap to be. The author made hers about 12” (30.5 cm) for a wrist strap.

Thread drawstring in and out of holes along the bottom.


For extra sturdiness, stockinette stitch a tiny rectangle about 0.5” x 1” (1.3 cm x 2.6 cm), sew each end to the middle, and pull drawstrings through the holes.

Final Product

Weasely Sweater Cellphone Cozy


Natasha's tutorial was taken with permission from Gritty Knits.

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