3rd Place - Costume Accessory Contest - Experienced Crafters


Wool gabardine

Cotton broadcloth for the lining

Note: The author used soft green wool gabardine and pink broadcloth for the lining because it matched her robes. Use the colors matching your own robes.

Embroidery frame

Needle and thread

Beads (in the styles, sizes and colors of your choice)


Layer the wool gabardine with an interlining layer of cotton broadcloth to provide a little more body and stability to your hat. Mount the fabric on the embroidery frame.

Sketch out the shapes you wish to embroider free hand and bead embroider them. You can use several stitches such as single stitch, stacked single stitch, couching and backstitch.

If you design some shapes to continue onto the top of the hat over the seam, leave the embroidery partially unfinished.

Cut out the hat pieces and hand stitch the seams. Machine sewing would be a bad idea because of the beads.

Finish the motif, then line your hat.

Final Product

Bead-Embroidered Military Style Wizard's Hat


© Kris's tutorial was taken with permission.

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