Paper (the author used Georgia Pacific's Paper Made Simple Bright White 96bright/160white/20lb available at Walmart)
Tea bag, any variety (the author used Orange Pekoe & Pekoe Cut Black Tea, National Cup brand)

Warm/hot water

Photography tray or baking pan large enough to hold paper and water

Baking sheet

2 towels



Optional Supplies

Brown/black stamp pads

Paint brush



Rip open the tea bags and pour into the pan. Pour warm to hot tap water into the pan.

Place one sheet of paper in the water and submerge most or all of it. Wait long enough for the paper to soak thoroughly and start to turn brown.

Place paper on baking sheet (the author puts it additionally on top of a piece of cooking parchment) and put in warm oven (doesn't have to be on can be after you have just cooked and oven is still warm). Leave for a minute or two to dry.

Place the dry paper between two towels. Iron until flat enough to be used in printer (more than one page can be ironed at once).

Place in printer and print items as required.

For additonal aging, use the edge of a black or brown stamp pad or a brush dabbed onto the stamp pad to age corners or edges of the paper. You can also tear edges and use stamp pad on the tears or even burn the edges carefully with a match or lighter (adult supervision recommended).


© Patriciao82173's tutorial was taken with permission.

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