August 2010 Craft-Along

Getting Ready to Go Back to Hogwarts!

Do you, like Harry, have a calendar hanging in your bedroom on which you cross the days until you go back to Hogwarts? Have you already set the date for going to shop for your school supplies? If so, this month's craft-along should be right down your isle!

Here at Leaky Crafts, we're also getting ready for the day where our presence is required at Platform 9 3/4! Not limiting you to a single tutorial seemed to work like magic last time, so we're doing it again this time! If you want to craft using the instructions from one of our tutorials, feel free to do so, but if you'd rather come up with something new, by all means go ahead!

You may use this thread to ask any question you have regarding this Craft-Along and brag about your creations right here.

Remember that we're awarding MyLeaky points to everyone participating in the CAL:

We await your owl confirming your presence in this Craft-Along and at Hogwarts on September 1st as soon possible (i.e. sign up here to participate).

We know that many of you don't visit the Leaky Lounge daily, preferring to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal or the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group. So rather than asking you to come to us this time around, we're coming to you where you normally follow us.

So, would you prefer to sign up for this Craft-Along on Livejournal insead? Share your Hogwarts school supplies by posting them in an album over at the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group? Ask your questions on Twitter? Well, you can just do so. We'll keep an eye on everything and share what you've made back in the Leaky Lounge threads for you. And if you add your MyLeaky username in your posts or picture descriptions, you'll still earn MyLeaky points! So get going!

Finding Hogwarts

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