Blue polymer clay

Black polymer clay

Blue chenille pipe cleaners

White feathers in assorted sizes

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks



Break off 1 piece of blue polymer clay and flatten it with your hands while preserving the rectangular form.

Fold it in half, then fold it in the middle so that the center is thicker than the outer parts.

Figure 1

Mold the clay and pinch it at the ends to make the outer edges into ears and the middle part into a head.

Figure 2

Break off another small chunk of clay and shape it into a small nose and a thin outline for the ears.

Fold the edge of each ear at the top.

Make a small pair of eyes out of the black clay and press them onto the head.

Figure 3

Using a pen, make nostrils in the nose.

Break off another section of clay and form it into the body with a thin neck coming from the top.

Figure 4

Using a pen, draw pectoral muscles and a line down the center of the body.

Draw in the mouth folds, mouth, eyebrows, and inner ear on the head.

Make a hole in the bottom of the head and insert neck.

Mold the head and neck together

Figure 5

Pick out 4 feathers in 2 different sizes.

Insert the smaller feathers into the top of the back and the longer feathers into the bottom of the back.

Figure 6

Remove the feathers and set them aside, leaving holes.

Figure 7

Cut pipe cleaners into arms, legs, and horns and insert them into the body & head.

Figure 8

Pull the pipe cleaners out, leaving holes.

Figure 9

Put the clay pixie into the oven and bake it according to directions on the clay package.

After the clay has cooled, put hot glue into the holes and insert the pipe cleaners and feathers.

Your pixie is complete!

Final Product

Cornish Pixie


© Maricel (a.k.a. razzledazzlebee)'s tutorial was taken with permission.

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