3 strands of plastic lacing (About 2 times as long as you want the bag strap)

Colored duct tape of your choice

House Sheild Pictures

HP picture

Clear packing tape


Make a sheet of duct tape as wide as you want your bag, and about two and a half times as high as you want your bag to be (it will be folded over). To make a sheet of duct tape, lay a strip of duct tape sticky side up on your work surface and place a second strip sticky side up so it slightly overlaps the edge of the first strip. Repeat until the sheet is as wide or high as you'd like, then turn the sheet so the sticky-side-up strips run vertically and lay a strip sticky side down over the sheet. Repeat with additional strips of duct tape until the sticky sides are covered. Don't forget to overlap the edges. Trim off edges.

Fold to the desired size, with some hanging over for a flap.

Tape the edges, making sure to tape from the inside first.

Braid the 3 strands of plastic lacing together, trim to desired size, and tape well inside the bag.

Tape the pictures onto the bag wherever you want to put them with the clear packing tape.

Final Product


© KraftyKT's tutorial was taken with permission.

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