Blank sketchbook or scrapbook, any size

Note: The author used a blank scrapbook with a red cover for the thicker paper, and so she could use the color instead of trying to cover it up

Modge Podge

Black and red acrylic craft paint

Gold Gelly Roll pen

Fabric paint (optional, for texture)

Brown cardstock


Shoe polish (optional – the kind that comes in a canister with cotton-soaked shoe polish)

Patterned paper

Harry Potter photos (From calendars, planners, postcards, magazines, or printed off the web using photo paper)

Harry Potter quotes (You can find these all over the web or refer to your books)

Note from the author

This notebook was made for a “Darker Side of Harry Potter” swap. So, naturally, that is the look of this notebook. You can easily change the look of this by using different colors, papers, photos and quotes.


The Cover

Pick out the picture you want for the cover and cut it down to a good size. Place the picture on the cover and glue it down.

Take the brown card stock and cut a hole in the middle. Start to tear out the hole, stopping every so often to check the holes size against your photo.

Once hole is big enough and frames your picture nicely, move on to the edges. Start tearing around the edges of the paper, making a shape that works well for your cover but not tearing so much that the edges of the photo will stick out under it.<

Glue that down over the photo making sure to frame to photo nicely.

Rip some small pieces of patterned paper. Place them where you think they look best (refer to the photo) and glue them down.

Tear off a piece of the cotton from the shoe polish and rub it around around the edges of the photo. This causes the edges to fade out and blend a little bit. Do the same thing on the edges of the patterned paper pieces. This is totally optional, but it provides a great effect. Another optional idea using fabric paint ’ the example uses gold (to match the paper), highlighting the design of the patterned paper. Use sparingly, just enough to add some nice texture.

Using the black craft paint, put a little on the tip of your finger and rub it in all along the edges of the brown cardstock and patterned paper. Be sure to blend this well so it all goes together. Use a little in some spots and more in others, just doing what looks good for your project.

On some of the patterned pieces, you can use a bit of red paint. Put some of the paint on a brush and use it on the edges of the cover, again blending well.

Using the gold gelly roll pen, write quotes on the edge of the frame. Let everything dry very well overnight before moving on.

After this is dry, use Modge Podge to coat the entire cover. The author applied two or three coats, just so it would be nice and coated. This keeps it safe from any paint chipping off, papers coming up, etc.

The Inside Cover

For the inside cover, the author used quotes from the Goblet of Fire movie that were more on the “darker side” of the movie.

Find the photo you're going to use for the inside. Don't worry about the edges of the photo because they will be covered. Glue the photo where you want it.

Using black craft paint, paint around the edges of the photo, pretty thickly so all of the edges are covered. Use your finger to blend and spread it out a little bit.

Spread black paint around the edges of the inside cover. Use a little bit of red paint too and then repeat with the black paint, making sure everything is blended.

Write quotes in various places around the edges and the photo. Let everything dry, so the quotes won't bleed. Paint a thin layer of Modge Podge just to coat and cover it.

The Pages

Note: The author left the pages blank.

Paint around each page with a little black paint as you did for the front and inside covers, using a little less paint. Think of it as framing each page. You could also put some quotes on some of the pages, if you wish.

The Back Cover

Paint around the back cover with black paint. After painting the edges, write a quote by Dumbledore in the right bottom corner.

Final Product

Harry Potter Notebook Front

Harry Potter Notebook Inside


© Dani Johnston's tutorial was used with permission.

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