Watercolor paper

Tea bags


An old cup

Metal cookie sheet


Clear tape

Clear Con-Tact paper

Pencil with eraser


Extra paper to sketch on

A safe place for the paper to dry


Washable markers


Start by sketching out what you want your Marauder's Calender to look like, making it resemble the Marauder's Map. Take into account how you want it to open and where you want each month to be inside.

Figure 1

After mapping the calendar out, pre-plan how many pages of watercolor paper you will need to complete the calender.

Fill the old cup with water.

Place one sheet of watercolor paper onto the metal cookie sheet.

Place one tea bag into the water and hold it there for a few seconds.

Place the tea bag onto the paper and squeeze the tea out of it and rub it onto the paper gently.

It should stain the paper a nice tan color.

Flip the paper over and do the same on the back.

Repeat for each piece of paper, changing to a new tea bag every two or three sheets of paper.

Place the wet pages somewhere to dry.

Once the pages are dry take them down and measure out what needs to be cut and folded. Then cut out the pieces and use the clear tape to put them together.

Figure 2

Once you have assembled the Calender, sketch the design you want in pencil.

Figure 3

Figure 4

Trace the pencil with the desired colored pen, using the eraser to remove any left over pencil marks once the ink dries.

Cut the clean Con-Tact paper to fit each piece of calender and laminate them for protection.

Use any washable marker to write on the months and days. Then wash it away so that it can be reused.


© Mollycoddle88's tutorial was taken with permission.

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