1 Altoids tin (or any type of tin)

Spray paint, any color

Spray primer

Clear gloss spray

Spray adhesive

Image of your choosing (I chose Harry Potter, of course)

Optional: Ribbons, little jewels or rhinestones, lace, etc.


Be sure when working with spray paint that you are in a well ventilated area.


Prepare the tin by washing the outside with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.

Spray primer on the outside in a even coat making sure it all gets covered. Let dry for an hour.

Spray your paint color evenly and be sure not to spray to close. Let dry overnight.

Take your desired image and spray an even coat of adhesive onto the back. Affix your image to the top of the tin.

Remember: you only get one chance to do this, so make sure it is where you want it.

Apply a coat of the clear gloss spray to seal the image into place. Let dry for an hour.

Decorate how you see fit, I used a few rhinestones and in other cases lace to border the image.

Additional Tips

Don't use strong glue like E6000 to affix your image to the tin, it will melt the paint underneath.

Be sure it is dry before you proceed, you don't want to ruin the paint by getting your fingerprints on it.

Final Product

Metal Tin Holder


© Miss Tee's tutorial was taken with permission.

Finding Hogwarts

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