Gold polymer clay (Sculpy is one brand)

Rolling pin

Small beveled mirror in an interesting shape

Iridescent clear glass beads

Looped ear wire

Wire (will be hidden by the clay)

Ultra-fine point black Sharpie marker


Set your oven to 250°F/120°C for a regular gold look or to 350°F/180°C for a "burnished" gold look.

Using a rolling pin and your fingers, shape the clay into flat pizza that is about 1/4”/0.6 cm thick and about 1/2”/1.3 cm wider than your mirror on all sides.

Lay the mirror centered on the clay and press on it with your fingers.

String the glass beads onto the wire. Use glass, because plastic beads do not stand up well to oven temperatures. The two ends of the wire should meet at the top of your mirror, where you can attach the looped ear wire. Twist the ends of the wire so they are secure.

Place the glass bead string around the mirror and fold the clay up over the sides of the mirror and the clay, making sure the beads show through the clay, but not the wire.

Press the wire into the clay, positioning the beads so they lie on top of the clay.

Using a spare bit of wire, etch the words "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi" into the edges of the clay on the front of the mirror. You can also etch a personalized message into the clay or the quote "It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live" on back of your mirror if you wish.

Place the mirror on a metal cookie sheet. Fire the entire item in the oven. See the clay packaging for estimated time lengths of cooking. When the mirror is done, let it cool on the cookie sheet or on a wire rack. Then darken the words on the mirror by using an ultra-fine-point sharpie.

Final Product

Mirror of Erised - FrontMirror of Erised - Back


© Astarte's pattern was taken with permission from HarryPotterCrafts

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