Computer paper

1 large rectangular cake pan (large enough to fit your paper into with extra space around the sides)

1 coffee maker


Cooling rack

Paper towels or newspaper


Using your coffee maker, brew an extremely strong pot of coffee. Your goal is to get the coffee to be extremely dark, so you'll want it stronger than what people usually drink.

Pour the coffee into the cake pan filling it about half way up.

Stack your computer paper one piece at a time in the coffee making sure each piece is submerged. Leave the paper in the coffee for about 15 minutes.

Under your cooling rack lay several layers of paper towels or newspaper to catch any drips.

Carefully remove the sheets of paper from the coffee and lay them on the drying racks. You must be extremely careful on this step because the papers are very delicate and tear easily.

Let the papers dry (time may vary) and TA-DA! You have your very own parchment paper.


© Ali's pattern was taken with permission.

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