Small tin (altoid size)

Green, red, gold, black and white Sculpey clay

Rolling pin

Tin foil

Acrylic paint (purple and other colors)

Yellow stickers

Mod Podge glue


Remove the top lid off the small tin.

Shape green Sculpey clay using a rolling pin and your fingers, then cover the inside bottom of the tin to make grass. Remove the excess on the sides.

Cut 3/8” (1 cm) tin foil squares, roll them into little cylinders and cover them with Sculpey, making sure to leave a little bit of the foil sticking out at one end. Roll the excess Sculpey onto itself, then press the two ends onto each other to form a hoop. Make 6 hoops in total.

Position your hoops onto the “field” by sticking the foil part down into the “grass”. Make sure that the hoops aren't too tall for the tin by placing the lid back on and snapping the tin closed.

Once you're sure everything is the correct height, create your four balls by taking small amounts of Sculpey and giving it the right shape. Make sure your balls are the appropriate size.

Bake your field and your balls according to the package directions.

After everything is baked, use acrylic to paint to your heart's delight. You can add lines down onto the pitch, paint details on your balls, etc. Also, be sure to paint the tin in purple.

Position the yellow stickers in place, then add Mod Podge glue over them.

Print small-sized country flags for Bulgaria and Ireland or paint them on paper, then cut them out to size. Add Mod Podge glue one the inside of your tin, place the flags, then add another layer of glue.

Optional: Add shiny paint on the top of the tin to make it shimmer.

Final Product

Patented Daydream Charm - Quidditch World Cup Tin


Hgflower's tutorial was taken with permission.

Finding Hogwarts

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