Yarn or embroidery floss in the colors of choice

Measure and cut the yarn or floss to the length of the wand handle.

Personalized Wand Handle - Figure 1

Tie a double knot around the end of the handle.
Wrap the yarn or floss around the wand handle, tightly, until near the end.

Personalized Wand Handle - Figure 2

At the end start making single knots to keep the yarn or floss on the handle.

Personalized Wand Handle - Figure 3
Final Product

Personalized Wand Handle (v1)

Personalized Wand Handle (v2)

© lizzyrc's tutorial was submitted for The Leaky Cauldron Harry Potter Crafts' July 2010 Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can CRAFT It? Contest, and was posted with permission.

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