Bamboo skewers


Embellishments for decorating


First, cut the flaps off of however many envelopes you need for your book.

Stack them so that they are all facing the same direction.

Using the template below, cut out notches on the bottom edge of each envelope.

Cutting Template

Now, take a bamboo skewer and weave it in the first notch of the first envelope, the second notch of the second envelope, then back to the first envelope, and so on until you reach the end.

Repeat this step to connect the rest of the envelopes together.

When you finish, you will have extra tabs on the front and back of your book. Weave a skewer through these to finish them off.

You may want to amputate the pokey ends to keep from skewering yourself, but it is much easier to weave the skewers through your envelopes using the sharp end, then cut it off later.

The skewers may slip and slide on your binding, so finish them off by winding some fibers around the ends and tieing them tightly to help keep the skewers in place.

When you finish, your binding should look like this:


Now decorate your book to your heart's content, putting little tabs on each of the monster photos to make it easier to pull them out of each envelope.

Final Product

Piano Hinge Monster Book of Monsters - Cover

Piano Hinge Monster Book of Monsters - Interior


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