Potter Puff graphic (which can be found here)

Paint program

Cardstock in various colors

Plain white tile from home improvement center (Ask for a sample! It won't cost you anything!)

Satin varnish or decoupage medium

Sticker maker or Mod Podge glue


Open the graphic in the paint program. Remove all but thick, black outlines.

Determine the colors you will need and load the appropriate colors of paper into your printer.

Print line graphic onto each color needed.

Cut out appropriate section of each color (hair, eyes, clothing)

Run the cut-out pieces through your sticker-maker or apply Mod Podge glue on the back of the pieces.

CAREFULLY assemble pieces on tile, sticker side down. It's just like a puzzle!

Apply multiple coats of varnish to make sure paper stays stuck.

Final Product

Potter Puffs Decoupage Tile Coaster/Trivet


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