Florist wire

10" (25.4 cm) silver faux leather material

Gold spray paint (check local requirements for purchasing if under 18)

Heavy duty scissors

Old scissors or wire cutters


Place the topper on a spare piece of florist wire and use this to place it in the ground. This will enable you to cover it fully with very little mess. Spray paint topper gold.

Using the heavy duty scissors, cut the leather piece in half. These are your wings. You can design them how you like, or use the pattern provided.

Fold each wing in half length wise and cut slits to thread your wire through (see diagram)

Wing cutting & wiring diagram

Thread wire through one wing in a weaving pattern, similar to sewing. Push the wire through the topper. Make sure that the topper is vertical (hole for antennae is on the bottom) other wise your snitch will fly crooked. Then weave the second wing on.

Secure each wing by folding the wire under at the end. If you have any wire left over you can just cut it with old scissors but wire cutters work best.

Final Product

Golden Snitch Antenna Topper


© Heather_s_70056's tutorial was taken with permission.

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