1 roll duct tape


Paper towels

Green, blue, yellow and white electrical tape for design

Black electrical tape for the rest of the bag


Exacto knife

Exacto-safe craft mat


Draw the shape of the front and the back of the bag on a piece of paper, then use that template to cut out the cardboard pieces.

Make the width of the purse with the leftover strips, and duct tape the front and back of all of the pieces.

Cutting and taping the cardboard.

Start attaching the strip by bending it to the U shape of the base, then adding the second piece on top of it.

Attaching the strip.

Make a 60" (152.4 cm) strap out of strips of paper towels, about the same width as the width of the purse.

Duct tape the strips together, then use the black electrical tape to tape over the entire strap.

Attach the strap to the purse, using the picture as a guide for placement.

Making and securing the strap.

Using the same the paper template that was used to cut the cardboard, cut the flap out of sheets of paper towels.

Do a rough drawing of the design on the towels, then use the drawing to cut the design out of the yellow (for the body of the snitch) and white (for the clouds and wings of the snitch) electrical tape.

Making the flap.

Duct tape the flap, then add the blue electrical tape for the sky. Place the green electrical tape next for the grass, then add the snitch, wings and clouds that were cut earlier.

Taping the design.

Attach the flap to the back of the purse with duct tape, use the black electrical tape to tape the rest of the bag, and it is done!

Attaching the flap and finishing.

Final Product

Snitch Duct Tape Purse


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