Card stock

Color printer

Colored gels in the two colors of your choice

Craft knife



First open the Spectrespecs template below to show it at full-size.

Spectrespecs template

Copy and paste it, then flip one of them. Now you have the two halves of your Spectrespecs!

Print these.

Cut out the Spectrespecs with a craft knife.

Be sure to cut out the arms around the bits that stick out, but be sure not to cut the bits connecting the arms to the frames!

Next, cut down the colored gels, one of each color, and stick them onto the inside of the spectrespecs.

Get some of the remaining card stock, and create a little thing to go behind the bridge of the specs, and use it to stick the two halves together.

Congratulations - your Spectrespecs are complete!

Final Product



© Chris Morgan's tutorial was taken with permission.

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