Plain sheep's wool *

Brushed pink/purple sheep's wool*

Soap* (liquid soap is best, but you can use any)



Pink/purple paper




Pink/purple feather

*These are to make a felt ball, but you can buy felt balls from all good craft stores.


To make a felt ball:

Grab a handful of the plain sheep's wool and dip it into the water whilst molding it into a ball shape. Dab a bit of soap onto it as well. Wrap a long, thin, piece of pink/purple wool around the ball to hold the shape. Again, dip into the water and soap and keep molding it into a ball.

Keep adding pieces of pink/purple wool, soap and water and keep rolling it until you can't see the plain wool underneath. Run the ball under a cold tap and keep rolling it until most of the soap has been washed out. Put the ball in a safe place and leave it to dry. It takes 24 hours to dry out.

To decorate:

Cut the paper into feet shapes. The pictured pygmy puff has three toes but it doesn't matter at all. Cut little ear shapes out of the paper; make sure you put tabs on.

Take two black buttons and stitch them onto the felt ball when it's dry. These are for the eyes but you can glue on googly eyes instead. Take feather and cut off the fluffy bit (see below).

Where to cut your feather

Attach this to the felt ball to make hair. Glue on the feet and ears. And presto, you have your very own Pygmy Puff!

Final Product

Wonder Witch Pygmy Puffs


© DeathEater22's tutorial was taken with permission.

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