Age Range

6 years old


Countertop chemistry experiment that can be used for potions class.


1 1000-mL beaker (or 1 glass mixing bowl)

10 g sodium hydrogen carbonate (or 3 Tsp baking soda)

45 mL 3% acetic acid (or 4-5 Tbsp vinegar)

10 2-cm pieces of vermacelli



Fill a clear container 3/4 full with water. Add the sodium hydrogen carbonate (or baking soda) and stir to dissolve.

Break the vermicelli into 2-cm (1-inch) pieces and add them to the container.

Add the acetic acid (vinegar). If the vermicelli does not begin to “dance” after a few minutes, add more sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetic acid.

If possible, substitute raisins or mothballs (or popcorn and rice) for the vermicelli to see what dances best.


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