Age Range

6 years old


Hagrid has let the nifflers and bowtruckles escape. We still have time to catch the Bowtruckles but the Nifflers have gone underground. The class needs to help him retrieve any bowtruckles left and any leprechaun gold.


Gold galleons (plastic money will do)

Twigs (you may want to glue googly eyes on them)

Baskets for each house or team (color-coding may be helpful)


Before the party hide all the twigs (bowtruckles) and plastic coins (galleon/leprechaun gold).

Each house must retrieve the Bowtruckles and the galleons that the Nifflers left behind and place them in your house basket. You may only carry one item at a time.

The house with the most items in their basket when the time limit runs out, wins.

Finding Hogwarts

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