Age Range

4 years old


Follow the clues to find the treasure at the end.


Pre-written and pre-hidden clues leading to each new clue

Treasure hidden at the end


My Year Five Young Wizard Treasure Hunt was specifically for the very young kids I had attending (ages 3-8), so I made my clues very easy, using silly rhyming clues that pointed out obvious landmarks where the next clue was hiding. At the end, they found an actual treasure chest filled with Harry Potter sticker sheets, sparkly pencils, chocolate coins, small boxes of Bertie Botts beans, and other small silly toys, along with the big treasure – BUBBLES! See, the real prize was that I taught them a new spell...Bubbleardium Leviosa

You can create a clue-based treasure hunt for any age level. The older your hunters are, the more complicated your clues can be. Rhyming is silly and fun of course, but you could create picture-based rebus-style clues, mini-word scrambles, logic puzzles, other puzzles they must solve, or any word games for each clue along the way. As long as each clue leads to the next clue, finally leading to the ultimate treasure, that's what counts. If you have adults, the clues must be challenging enough, and teams are always good...perhaps House teams?

Finding Hogwarts

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