Age Range

6 years old


Decorate-your-own wizard hat craft activity.


Black construction paper precut into cone shapes

Elastic thread

Double-sided adhesive tape


Gel pens (that write on black paper)

Glitter glue (optional)


One that's quick & easy is to decorate your own wizard hats, especially for smaller kids.

You can precut the cone shapes out of black construction paper, pre-lace an elastic string to go under the chin, and pre-tape the one side with double-sided tape, so they're all ready to assemble, but they're still flat and easy to decorate.

Provide a bunch of cool stickers and gel pens that write on dark paper for less mess, and even glitter glue, etc. if you're okay with a larger mess.

When they're done decorating, tape together at the seam & wear!

Finding Hogwarts

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