Small balloons

Strips of newspaper

Strips of craft paper or paper towels

Wheat paste or plaster of paris for paper mache


Small toy dragons (or squishy ones that can be poked through a small hole), confetti, stickers and other small candies and toys


Blow up balloons to a large enough size to accommodate your party favors.

Apply a thin layer of paper mache to the balloon using the newspaper strips and wheat paste.

Make sure to leave an area at the neck of your balloon just big enough to poke your dragon and other things through.

Let dry overnight.

Apply another thin layer of paper mache this time using the plain paper or paper towel (again leave a small area at the neck of the balloon without paper mache).

Let dry again.

Pop the balloons, and remove. You should have a paper shell.

Poke your party favors through the hole. Cover the hole with masking tape.

Paint the entire egg in the colors of your choice, and let dry.

Attach a note to each egg from Hagrid, saying that these baby dragons would need help hatching, and to please take good care of them, and keep them hidden from the Ministry of Magic!


Mrs. Puckle's tutorial was taken with permission.

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