Age Range

5 and up


Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors


Room to run around


Game Rules

Best if played outdoors. Establish a home zone for each team on opposite ends of the area, about 50 feet apart. Divide group into two teams facing one another in the middle of the area.

Explain the three characters:

Giant: Stand on tip toes reaching arms above head, fingers spread like claws. Make growling noises.

Wizard: In a slightly crouched position, point a "magic wand" at opposing team, jinxing them with a loud "kazaam."

Elf: Kneel down with hands cupped over ears to represent large elf ears, make shrieking noises and then "shoot" the other team with a bow and arrow.

Giant smashes Elf

Wizard jinxes Giant

Elf shoots Wizard

Practice calling the names of the characters so the teams can practice the movements and noises.

Game Play

Have teams huddle together and decide which character they want to be. When they have decided, teams line up facing each other, about 5 feet apart. On command both teams act out the character. Whichever team has chosen the winning character chases the opposing team to their safe zone. Any person tagged before reaching the safe zone becomes a member of the winning team.

Repeat for set number of trials, until one team has all the players, or teams tire out.


© Hartbraker726's tutorial was taken with permission.

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