1-24 participants

Age Range

11 years old


Indoor gym version of Quidditch.


Hula hoops = goals

Small playground ball = Quaffle

Two soft dodgeballs = Bludgers

Z ball (many-faceted hard rubber ball so that when I release it, there is no telling where it will go) = Golden Snitch



Hang hula hoops from the front of the basket-ball rim.


Divide the players in 4 teams (representing the 4 houses; have them wear their own shirts or pinnies) of 6 players – only 2 chasers.

Start the game in the mid-court circle with a toss of the quaffle. All four chasers are in the circle with the referee.

The bludgers are on the floor at the outside of the circle and are put into play by the referee kicking them. The four beaters try to get the 2 bludgers and use them as dodgeballs, only against the chasers.

If a chaser is hit, he/she must kneel on the spot, drop the quaffle from their hand and remain there until the seeker tags them (as in Doctor dodgeball).

The keepers use brooms to try to prevent the quaffle from passing through the hoop. After each goal, the keeper, who may not cross center court but may shoot from there to score, puts the ball into play.

It is very fast paced and physical.

Fouls against the chasers are rewarded with a free throw. Chasers may not grab the broom and it may not be used against a player – only to block the goal.

Break at 5 minutes for drinks, time out for the overly competitive and to switch positions, if they choose to do so.

The referee calls out each score to a “Lee Jordan” waiting to play on the sidelines. The teams get awarded 10 points per goal.

In the last minute of the second half, the refereee releases the snitch by bouncing it off a wall or the floor.

The seekers then try to get it and they are now fair game for the bludgers.

If the snitch is not caught in the air, it returns to the referee for a re-throw. If that happens, the seekers are back in the game if they had been downed by a bludger.

The snitch is worth 25 points in this game. The teams play two games in 30 minutes.

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