5 Plastic cauldrons
5 Packs of Mentos Chewy Mints mint flavored candy
5 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke
5 Small wooden tables, taller than a 2-liter bottle of soda with a Mentos Geyser Tube attached
5 Small black plastic tablecloths
5 Mentos Geyser Tubes
1 Empty 2-liter soda bottle
Lukewarm water with ice cubes
Sharp knife for cutting wood
Food coloring
Clear stretchable string
5 wooden or metal dowel rods

Screw the Mentos Geyser Tube to an empty soda bottle without the Mentos and measure the height.
Cut the plastic cauldron so that the Mentos Geyser Tube fits in the bottom, taping the top part of the tube so that it sticks out and won't slip.
From the inside, tie the rigger pin to the clear stretchable string until it can go a bit less than half the height of the cauldron without stretching.
Tie string to the wand.
Add the Mentos to the Mentos Geyser Tube and adjust the trigger pin to it.
Make sure the tables are exactly as tall as the measurements.Cut out an opening to one side.
Measure the circumference and use a marker to trace it and cut it out.
Cut a hole of the same circumference on the table cloths and put it over.
Put the 2 liter diet coke under the tables.
Screw on the cauldron tube and leave the wand inside. Be sure to cover any glimpses of proof there is a bottle of soda on the the bottom or any proof there is a hole on the table cloth.
Add the lukewarm water.
Put some food coloring until all you can see is your wand.
Repeat these steps for all the tables.
Contestants should start stirring as hard as they can. This will release the Mentos and cause an explosion. It will get messy,but not sticky.
As a precaution do this activity outside, on top of a large plastic mat. Make sure to hand out ponchos as 'Protective Potion Wear'".
Make arrangements for someone to play Neville and Professor Snape.
After the disaster have Professor Snape hand out 'Detentions' (a.k.a. gift bags) and instruct students to meet him inside after clean-up for 'Punishment' (a.k.a. cake)."
Author's Note: Not everything will be perfect. Discuss your plans with the parents or guardians prior to the party, as they may not want their child(ren) to participate. Warn them to not bring important things, and to wear old clothing.

Ginny Dailo's party game was used with permission.

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