11/2 yard of black fabric

Sewing machine


Gold felt

Black fabric paint



Color printer

Ink jet iron-on transfer paper


Using your sewing machine, hem the black fabric at each end.

Add a drawstring through one end.

To create the crests, you have 2 options:

1. Cut out a piece of yellow felt using this image:

Hogwarts Crest Black & White

Then, use black paint and trace the letter “H” onto the crest, similar to what can be found on the picture

2. Print a picture of a Hogwarts crest onto inkjet iron-on transfer paper. Be sure to follow the package instructions and to print reverse or mirror image if they ask you to. Iron-on the crest onto a piece of felt and cut around it.

Sew the patch to the left side of the robe.

Final product

Simple Kids Party Cloaks


© Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)'s pattern was taken with permission from

Finding Hogwarts

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