Age Range

8 years old


Countertop chemistry experiment that can be used in a potions class.


Blue lamp oil (or red lamp oil)

Whole milk

Light corn syrup

Red food coloring (or blue food coloring)

Tall form 400 ml beaker (or tall plastic or glass jar)


Wrap the outside of the beaker loosely with aluminum foil so that you can pour your liquids into the glass and can uncover the glass easily by removing the foil.

Add several drops of red food coloring to the light corn syrup and invert several times to mix. [If you are using red lamp oil, substitute blue food coloring.]

Slowly pour the three liquids into the glass in the following order: colored syrup, milk, lamp oil. The more slowly you are able to pour the liquids, the less mixing that occurs.

Ask the students what color will result from mixing red, white, and blue. Then lift the aluminum foil mask to reveal three layers with the red syrup on the bottom, the white milk over the syrup, and the blue lamp oil on top.


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