For 4 players or more (depending on how big your pool is!)

Age Range

Anyone who can swim (adult supervision needed for children)


2 hula hoops

2 posts such as 5 foot conduit piping (found at any home hardware store)

2 PVC t-connectors (at any hardware store)

Net material such as old sheets or towels

Whiffle balls or ball pit balls (Quaffles)

2 beach balls (Bludgers)

Gold coins (found in most toy or dollar stores)

Permanent marker



Game Setup

Attach each T-Connector to a post.

Take apart the hula hoops at the staple or seam.

Attach each hula hoop to the T-Connectors by sticking an end into each side to make scoring hoops.

Cut towels or sheets in square large enough to tie corners to hula hoops to make a net.

Post each scoring hoop on opposite ends of swimming pool.

Scatter lots of lightweight balls like whiffle balls or "ball-pit" balls over the pool so that they are floating throughout the pool.

Take one of the coins and make it different from the others by drawing a special mark on it.

Scatter the coins throughout the swimming pool.

Place beach balls into pool.

Game Rules

Keepers guard their hoops.

Chasers have to toss the Quaffles into the opposing team's nets.

Beaters try to hit players with beach balls.

Seekers dive for the Snitch, searching through all of the coins scattered throughout.

Game Play

Divide players into teams and assign positions.

If a player is hit with a Bludger, he or she must freeze on the spot and count out loud (SLOWLY) for 10 seconds before getting back into the game.

If a Seeker picks up a coin and it's not the Snitch, he or she must drop the coin where they are and keep looking.

The Seeker who finds the snitch must yell out and this ends the game.


© Julijacky's tutorial was taken with permission.

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