Age Range

6 years old


Jars of various mysterious ingredients which will be used while following Potion recipes.


- Instant pudding that is mixed and goes thick

- Tantacula Acid: Vinegar

- Powdered Bicorn Horn: Baking soda

- Elixir of Life: Water

- Blue Moon Liquid: Blue dish soap

- Golden Nectar: Yellow dish soap

- Rose sap: Pink Dish Soap

- Moonstone Juice: Ivory Dish soap

- Lip gloss from Kool-Aide and Crisco melted together

- Insect eggs: Multi-coloured sprinkles

- Ant eggs: Jimmies

- Frogs' Livers: dried cherries

- Dragon blood: Strawberry Qwik

- Dried Bat Brains: raisins

- Baby Bassilisk Eyes: cinnamon hearts

- Roonspoor Lungs: Dried Apple half-slices or Apricot halves

- Essence of Mooncalf: Powdered milk

- Boomslang Powder: Instant Pistachio Pudding

- Powdered Yak Milk: Vanilla Instant pudding

- Bubotuber Powder: Butterscotch Instant Pudding

- Powdered Pogrebin: Chocolate Instant Pudding

- Elixir of Life: Water

Finding Hogwarts

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