Age Range

6 years old


Find the specific Potter-related objects hidden throughout the party area.


Hidden objects



Hide Potter-related things throughout the party, and have your guests use their magical detecting powers to find the hidden objects.

These hidden objects can be as numerous or few objects as you want.

You can always use small and larger items, from small things such as Harry Potter legos, to stuffed animals, to a specially marked Harry Potter book, even a broom or cauldron, etc.

You can limit the area to hunt in for one room or section of the bookstore or library, or expand it depending on your location.

This most often is a one time only event in the course of the party.

Problems may ensue for larger bookstores if many people are playing, but this event is still quite loads of fun.

Be sure to have some super hidden objects to get! A prize for the winner can be one of these hidden objects as well.

One option is to have the pre-drawn “Marauder Maps” with hidden clues on them to help in the hunt. Just watch out for Snape... ;)

Finding Hogwarts

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