Age Range

6 years old


"Transfigure" clay/play-dough and try to get your team to guess the object or item first.


Time turner (I used an egg timer, but any timer from another board game would be suitable)

Transfiguration clay (Play-dough or sculpting clay. I chose to use the four house colors)

A list of Harry Potter themed items written on slips of paper (For example: Fluffy, Cauldron, Golden Snitch, Marauders Map, Wand)


Divide into houses (teams).

Each house is given clay to “transfigure.”

Choose a witch or wizard from each house who can get their classmates to guess the item drawn from the bag (or hat) by transfiguring the clay into the subject.

Points will be taken from any house for talking and gestures.

The representative from each house must see and read the item before the time starts.

Each round lasts one turn of the time turner.

A point is awarded to the first house to guess the item.

Finding Hogwarts

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