Age Range

6 years old


Fortune-telling activities for Divination.


Magic eight ball (optional)

Crystal ball (optional)

Box with curtain (optional)

Pre-written fortunes on paper (optional)


A fortune telling booth or area is a great deal of fun. It can be as elaborate as having someone dress as Trelawney and make “predictions” for each guest by looking in a crystal ball.

A list of some fun answers can be drawn up in advance of the game, ready for “Trelawney “to use.

A variation on this can be to use the magic eight ball, and base your responses using the answers in the eight ball.

A second variation is to set up a type of “all knowing Magic Eye” or a box painted to look like some cool great eye or Wizard of Oz thing, with a black curtain in front.

The guests say their name. Ex: “I am Sue, tell me my fortune oh great wizard!” Then the kids reach through and pull out pre-made pieces of paper with loopy fun fortunes or predictions on it.

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