Age Range

6 years old


Guess the flavor of the Bertie Botts Beans.


Bertie Botts Beans

Paper to write guesses

Pens or pencils

Dichotomas key (optional)


After tasting, guess the flavors of Bertie Botts Beans. Whoever gets the most correct could win a prize. Make sure that you remove the key from the Bertie Botts' package. For more fun, make sure that you have plenty of the “gross” flavours mixed in among the more recognizable ones.

To make the activity more appealing to older kids and adults you can use a dichotomas key to identify the flavours. Create (or download) the dichotomous key. Your party-goers can work in groups to use the key to identify the flavours of beans. Give each group 10-12 beans (depending on the size). The first group to sucessfully identify all their beans wins a small prize.

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