1 black polo shirt 2 to 3 times larger than your actual size
1 black polo shirt large enough to cover your head
Sewing machine
Black thread
3 buttons
5 feet (1.5 meters) of bias tape in the house color of your choice
2 feet (60.96 cm) of black ribbon

Try on the larger shirt and cut it as shown in Figure 1, making sure to cut off the neck and not to cut the back.

Figure 1
Take the small polo and cut out a hood shape.

Sew along the dotted line shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2
and sew the hood to the neck of the robe, then sew the bias tape in the
house color of your choice all around the +++ lines, as shown in Figure

Figure 3
Attach a button on one side of the opening and make a hole in the other to hold the Robe closed.

Figure 4
Attach 2 buttons to the back of the shirt and gather the shirt to fit with the black ribbon.

Figure 5
Embellish your shirt with whatever stencils or iron-on transfers tickle your fancy.

And that's it - you now have a lovely Hogwarts Robe-like shirt!!!

Final Product

Hogwarts Robe-like Shirt - front
Hogwarts Robe-like Shirt - back

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